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First archetype consulting Brand

from Latin – America


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Image by Pradeep Ranjan

The Outlaw, acts as a disruptive force, violating cultural norms and rules for the good of others (like Robin Hood)

While the hero wants to be admired, the outlaw is satisfied to be feared.

Whereas Heros identify with their communities, Outlaws feel deeply estranged from it. You might imagine the typical villain in Superman or Batman comics, who often has become evil as a result of being humiliated or exiled.

Ideal for brands that dare lo lead a counterculture as hippies did on the 1960´s .


Warriors may simple be combative, but hero fights for a principle, a cause, a way of life, or a future vision. Virtually all superheroes – superman, wonder woman, Batman, etc

They are instinctive protectors of those they see innocent, fragile, or rightfully unable to help themselves.

Ideal for sports brands and political candidates.


They take everything lightly. While is possible to have fun alone, the jester calls us to come out and play with one another. Everyone is hungry for having a great time and lighten up the world ( play, make jokes, be funny)

Ideal for brands with pricing that is moderate to low, and allows us to have a good moment like beers, gums and beverages.


What is an Archetype?

Universal patterns of motifs which come from the collective unconscious and are the basic content of religions, mythologies, legends; emerging in individuals in the form of dreams, visions and fantasies. The archetype carries specific energy and is capable of acting upon the world. Forms or images of a collective nature which occur practically all over the earth as constituents of myths and at the same time as individual products of unconscious origin.

Although everything is changing very fast, archetypes are eternal. They can evolve in the level of their expression in us, but they themselves do not change.

Although Freud assumed that our fantasies resulted from our experiences and conditioning only, Jung noted that fantasies are quite predictable.

Following well known narrative patterns. Jungs perception was that all human beings share a common psychic heritage that undermines apparent differences of time, space and culture.


Perhaps the underlying reason that archetypes are son enduring is that, in essence, they reflect our inner realities and struggles. The external particulars may vary, but the essential journey is always the same.



Business found that they had only two broad strategic routes to go: reduce their prices or imbue their products with meaning.

because it is  meaning that creates and emotional affinity, allowing the more rational arguments to be heard. Too often, even the most sophisticated marketers feel totally at sea as they try to manage the meaning of their brands because they lack any meaningful reference points or framework to provide a system or structure. Frequently the absence of a guiding framework leads them to overcompensate by using complicated forms or formats to try to capture and express Brand meaning.


Brands that capture the essential meaning of their category – and communicate that message in subtle and refined ways – dominate the market.


Even more importantly, because most people in the field of market- ing do not understand archetypes, and because they think in terms of market segmentation, they have an unfortunate tendency to reduce archetypes to stereotypes.

Innocence will help you identify the most ideal archetypal identity for your Brand. Because meaning of a Brand is the most precios and irreplaceable asset.

This brochure will act as the “True north” for all the individuals that will be working on communication for our brand ( advertising agencies, web designers, media planners, promotion agencies, stands builders, etc)

Even will be helpfull for both brand managers, who make day – to- day decisions for their businesses, and corporate leaders, who are responsible for long range planning.

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