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Magical people often have dreams that other people see as impossible.

As the alchemist the magician seeks to turn lead into gold.

Perhaps the most famous magician in Western culture is Merlin, who looks in his crystal ball and predicts the potential for Camelot. Or characters like Harry Potter.

Magician brands include all those that foster “magical    moments” sparlking water, champagne, Sony, cruises lines. They also include many cosmeticas herbs, potions.

The spirit of the magician is easily evoked when the product has exotic or ancient origins or if it involves some special ritual.

In deep waters, magician can transform your body and your spirit.



Marketers clearly understand that this archetype speaks to people today.The overwhelming majority of the explorer´s goes out in nature. Their desire for freedom makes them wary of being tied down by anything. Today the Explorer can sit at home alone and surf the net, exploring not so much physically, but through a whole world of information. They prefer to find you rather than have you find them. Ideal for a 4 x 4 vehicle, an airline, or a motorbike

and especially products from more primitive an exotic countries.

Into the deeper and more interesting level this archetype is designed to help people with the deeper learning of truly finding oneself. When the Explorers awakens in individuals, they often start their own small business, become consultants.


Famous sages include Socrates, Confucius, the Buddha. We see the sage in all mistery stories like Sherlock holmes, Asimov, The X Files. the sage is associated with clear thinking. Is essential to think for oneself and have one´s own opinions

Sage brands may provide information, as newspaper, Universities, research laboratories. The sage is an excellent brand identity for computer hardware and software. Sage brands made even congratulate customers for being informed and intelligent.