First archetype consulting Brand

from Latin – America


Steps of Work

Step 1



Step 2

Step 3


On this first step we will try to discover your brand´s deepest, most meaningful equity – it´s essence or soul. As the brand biographer we are going to address questions as: Who created it, and why? What was going on in the broader culture at that time? How was it first positioned? What was the best or most memorable communication ever created? How have customers related to the brand over the years?

Just like a biographer, we are going to explore both the rational and the emotional through personell interviews to the most relevant managers of the company.

Additionally, we are going to analyze the arquetypal competitive leverage and consumer motivations through to qualitative / quantitative, even ethnographic researchs and analytic category process ( that client will provide). We will assure that the archetypal recommendation will offer significant and sustainable differentiation in the marketplace, grounded in some truth about the product or service, ideally a physical, contemporary truth.

We will end this first step identifying the most ideal archetypal identity for your brand and that will be able to  preserve and enrich that meaning over time.

Once the brand´s archetypal place in the world has been clarified, becomes the process of nourishing that identity and get to the heart of the matter.  We will embrace the archetype and immerse in the depht and breadth of that concept.

We will examine the three deep levels of the archetype and will provide the Brand Vision overview with the analysis of the three major strategic topics for brand: Market (category insight, competitive environment);  Brand ( consumer experience&drivers, brand product truths); and Consumer (category insight) described on “strategical ladder”, “strategical pyramid” and the “tree providing the DNA brand framework”.

This second stage will clarify and illuminate the way for your company to chart the brand course into the future.

At this final stage, we will design the DNA manual that will include de Brand vision overview and the DNA brand proposal. Introduction, history of the company, deep explanation of archetype, personality and a description of the three deep levels of the archetype selected.

This brochure will act as the “True north” for all the individuals that will be working on communication for our brand ( advertising agencies, web designers, media planners, promotion agencies, stands builders, etc)

 Even will be helpfull for both brand managers, who make day – to- day decisions for their businesses, and corporate leaders, who are responsible for long range planning.